SHIGARAKI-EV01|Original 3D Avatar

“Leave it to the professionals!”

Kotobukiya has developed avatars in collaboration with the VR community.

The co-developer of the new avatar, “SHIGARAKI,” turned out to be…the “VILLAIN’S SOCIETY VAREAL,” an organization of so-called VR monsters!

Oh, no! SHIGARAKI was actually an evil invasive weapon that Kotobukiya was unwittingly taking part in manufacturing.

But, wait, something seems off… SHIGARAKI doesn’t realize that she belongs to the wrong side.

She goes out every day to explore a different world and collect rare objects without any sign of evil deeds.

When characters gather, a cheerful feast begins.

Is SHIGARAKI working as a pawn of an evil organization? What is the VILLAIN’S SOCIETY VAREAL really plotting?

Will Kotobukiya be able to shatter the conspiring evil forces?

The story and ultimate outcome may be in your hands—the user of avatar SHIGARAKI.

* This product was co-developed by the VILLAIN’S SOCIETY VAREAL and Kotobukiya Co., Ltd.

SHIGARAKI-EV01|Original 3D Avatar SHIGARAKI-EV01|Original 3D Avatar SHIGARAKI-EV01|Original 3D Avatar SHIGARAKI-EV01|Original 3D Avatar SHIGARAKI-EV01|Original 3D Avatar SHIGARAKI-EV01|Original 3D Avatar


SHIGARAKI is an exploration device (android) developed to collect human emotional energy in the VR world.
She is equipped with a facial interface that allows her to co-exist with humans and an animal interface to be loved by humans.
Fond of drinking, she's never without something to drink from so that she can have a feast anywhere.
SHIGARAKI Collection

SHIGARAKI Collection

SHIGARAKI Collection is a custom avatar contest using SHIGARAKI, which features high customizability and scalability.
The following shows nine works that won the Kotobukiya Award, VAREAL Award, or MUGENUP Award.
  • Kotobukiya Award 購入ボタン
  • MUGENUP Award 購入ボタン
  • VAREAL Award 購入ボタン
  • Kotobukiya Award 購入ボタン
  • MUGENUP Award 購入ボタン
  • VAREAL Award 購入ボタン
  • Kotobukiya Award 購入ボタン
  • MUGENUP Award 購入ボタン
  • VAREAL Award 購入ボタン


SHIGARAKI was designed with a focus on stealth, survivability, and scalability so that she can secretly complete tasks assigned by the VILLAIN'S SOCIETY VAREAL.
However, she is not aware of their intentions and is simply enjoying her life with these abilities.
Users can forget her background and enjoy customizing SHIGARAKI.


SHIGARAKI's head, arms, and legs are constructed as independent parts, making them easy to disassemble and build with 3DCG software or Unity. In addition to this, the entire body is equipped with armor parts. Through attaching and detaching these parts, it provides the fun and enjoyment of modifying, replacing, and expanding the parts. The figure has eight standard facial expressions with independent Blendshape keys for the eyes, eyebrows, and mouth, which can be combined to express a variety of emotions through facial expressions.

Product Specifications

Product Overview
Original 3D model for avatar-based communication
Product Name
Date of Release
Thursday, June 16, 2022
6,000 yen (tax included)
Available Location
Avatar Shop Kotobukiya (BOOTH)
Kotobukiya Co., Ltd.
3D Model Overview
3D model compatible with Unity's Humanoid (FBX format)
Accompanying Data 1
PSD file for texture customization
Accompanying Data 2
Unitypackage file already set up for PC-version VRChat
Development Members
Director and Planning: Mizuki Iijima (Kotobukiya Co., Ltd.), Avatar Concept, Feature Proposal, and PR Cooperation: VILLAIN'S SOCIETY VAREAL, Avatar 2D Design and Logo Design: Taro Kawaba (MUGENUP Inc.), Facial Illustration: NED, 3D Director: Yosuke Kinoshita (MUGENUP Inc.), 3D Modeling: Megumi Okamoto and YUKARI, Setup Director: Hiroki Iwata (Studio Ishtar)
Organization of VR monsters. It actively conducts activities mostly in VRChat to fill the VR world with various monsters and grotesque creatures.
(*1 The setup for VRChat will allow users to change the armor color with their controllers. ) (*2 The setup for VRChat will switch the avatar to a dummy pod while AFK. ) (*3 The right arm, left arm, and both legs are independent, so these objects can be easily replaced with personally made parts. ) (*4 The setup for VRChat will allow users to attach and remove the armor individually. )